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Feedback From The Parents

Sue Mooney

My daughter has only been part of this fabulous school since September but is loving every second. The teachers are all so supportive of every child and every single child gets a chance to shine. It took a couple of months to persuade my daughter to try Devine due to lack of confidence and wow what a difference it has made in just four months, now she can’t get there quick enough. Everyone has made Eva so welcome and there is always such a lovely positive buzz around their beautiful studio. Thanks again Lewis and Terri -Ann for everything x

Sammy Green

My children have been going to Devine TC for the last 18 months and my son who is 15 loves it. Lewis and the team work so hard with these kids and the work that goes on behind the scenes is unbelievable. We have recently just done a show in the St Helens theatre and every child was part of the show. Devine is not only a Theatre company it is one big huge family and the kids come on in leaps and bounds. It helps the kids with anxiety, confidence and so much more. Thank you so much to all of you for giving these kids amazing opportunities and experiences x

Louise Rogers

Highly recommend Devine Theatre Company! My 2 sons attend this school and have both come on tremendously, one of my boys actually over coming anxiety. He has gone from having 5/6 panic attacks a day to none at all! Couldn’t wish for better teachers who are so professional 5

Feedback From The Pupils

Phoebe Alford

Such a lovely place to attend! So lucky to be apart of such a good drama school, and to have met so many people who I would call family! Not only have I learned more acting skills, but I’ve found so much confidence in myself over the last 4 years! Terri-Ann and Lewis have so much passion and drive, and you can see how much they work on each individual in every show they put on stage! Happy to be attending the school week in and week out!

Jamie Wynne

I joined Devince theatre company just over a year ago now and all I can say is WOW I absolutely love i, the teachers are amazing the pupils are outstanding and everybody is so friendly. This has been the bets decision of my life to join here and look forward for the amazing journey I have been on and the journey that is yet to come.

Ruby Smith

I love Devine tc I have been there since I was 3 and I love it so much and I have come on along way I enjoy every single minute of it x

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